2020 VW Touareg USA Release Date Rumors

2020 VW Touareg TDI Release Date, Price, Specs


The new 2020 VW Touareg will hit and launch to the market in 2020. This a new and stylish crossover from VW. This new crossover will use the CrossBlue concept from VW.

The CrossBlue concept will bring many improvements for this upcoming, especially for the exterior design. It will bring the Touareg model into a new stage. A new eye-catching crossover from VW.

Many people love this crossover. It’s compact, stylish, and have good power for daily usage. You can drive for daily usage on the city road or highway road.

The front end will get some improvements. Compared to the predecessor, this new Touareg will give you a new driving experience. Of course, the engine will also get improvements.

Many information such as the exterior and interior the design about this car is very interesting. Many people are waiting for the launch of this car. They want to know how VW will improve this crossover in the upcoming model.

Let’s discuss more details about this crossover regarding engine, body design, interior feature, and also the exterior changes. You will find that this crossover is amazing. It can be a rival for its competitor.

2020 VW Touareg TDI Review

Our discussion will focus on the exterior first. Just state above that this upcoming Touareg will use the CrossBlue concept. This concept is also used for other VW cars.

VW decided to apply the CrossBlue concept to the Touareg to make it more interesting and futuristic. Let’s see the front end. You will be able to find some changes.

This new Touareg will have new headlights. It will use the LED lights that will give you better illumination for any conditions. The headlights will come along with the new grille design.

The air intake also comes with the new design. It makes the air circulation better than the previous model. You can also find the VW logo at the front.

The 2020 VW Touareg will be a totally new crossover from VW if we talk about the exterior. The body size will remain the same as the predecessor. But it has different body line and shape.

The 2020 Touareg will use the new materials for the body. It has less weight than the predecessor. Of course, it will give benefits for the engine and fuel consumption.

After we talk about the exterior, let’s see inside the car.  The interior design will get some changes and improvements too. We can make sure that the cabin space than the predecessor.

There will be many new technologies in the cabin. It will be very useful for the driving and also entertainment feature. The new Touareg offers a new experience of driving crossover to you.

The seats will use premium leather as the cover. It will give comfortable sitting place for the passengers. The passengers will be also able to move their heads and legs.

2020 VW Touareg Diesel and Hybrid Powertrain

After we talk about the exterior and the interior design, let’s see the engine o this new crossover. The 2020 Touareg will have few options for the engine. So, you will be able to choose the suitable one for your need.

There is no any official information from VW about the engine specification. We can only assume that it will use a 4-cylinder engine. There will also be other option with 6-cylinder.

It is also rumored that it will use the V-8 engine configuration. We still wait for the official engine specs from VW. But surely the 2020 Touareg will come with a more powerful engine than the predecessor.

2020 VW Touareg Review

Then, how about the prices of this new Touareg? This crossover will be priced started from $43,000 for the basic model. For the highest model, it may be priced around $64,000.

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