2020 VW Jetta GLI Manual Transmission

2020 VW Jetta GLI Release Date & Price


2020 VW Jetta is new release by VW for sedan market. The car will represent the company into a tight competition among many famous brands. Therefore, it’s really important for VW to plan something that is innovative.

For long time, Jetta is known as one of famous car series made by VW. Through its years, Jetta has risen as one of famous sedan cars nowadays. Besides, there are also lot of improvements made by VW for the car.

Things that we can say for 2020 Jetta is, a combination between modern and conservative way. VW tries to bring a new scene to the car by adding modern element that can be seen on some parts of the car. Thus, it looks really fascinating.

However, VW doesn’t forget to keep several old things there. In this case, it becomes something important to keep the Jetta just as the same as we know Jetta from long time ago. Let’s see about the car’s change and other things that will be explained below.

2020 VW Jetta Visual Change

Let’s see what thing that VW has done on the visual of 2020 VW Jetta. There are two things that we like to explain here, the car’s exterior and interior. Both are considered as important part but, we move to the outer part first.

The car’s exterior looks really modern. As we’ve said before, VW tries to combine conservative and modern way that is seen through the car’s exterior. Based on its design, there could be two sides divided, the one that loves conservative while other that hate it.

However, conservative style could be a good thing that is really awesome. It’s rarely seen nowadays so, it becomes a great point that can bring anyone to get it. In addition to the car’s exterior, there is also other thing that you need to inside.

The same thing is also applied inside. As differentiation, VW brings the latest technology for the car’s safety feature. It’s the one that keeps us safe from anything that can hold us. Therefore, it’s an important thing for us to get it.

2020 VW Jetta Engine and Release date

The car is powered with Turbo 4 1.4 L that is ready to generate 184 torque and 150 HP.  It’s the one that is given for the basic engine. The car is also said for being coupled with two kind of options of transmission system such as, 6 automatic and 5 manual.

Besides, there are also other options of engine that are given. There is SEL trim that has more powerful engine than the first one. It’s turbo-4 1.8 L that is ready to inject the car with 184 torque and 170 HP. The output is more powerful than the first one right?

For the second engine, it’s only coupled with 6 automatic transmission. Based on some options that are available, people are free to choose any engine that is suitable for them. Afterwards, they can choose anything that they like.

Anyone that loves to have conservative car look with the latest technology then this car becomes the answer. 2020 VW Jetta is already available and cost for $17.895 so, it’s your time to pick it for yours.

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