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2020 Toyota Supra Price, Release Date, Engine Specs


One of Toyota’s iconic car, Supra has stolen people’s attention caused by the emergence of 2020 Toyota Supra release. It’s not exaggerating if we say that Supra is awaited by many people because of its popularity long time ago. For this car, Toyota has planned several new things for its change. Besides, there are also some new things projected. All things wrapped inside the new Supra that is rumored for being released for future market.

2020 Toyota Supra Specs Improvements

Supra has been known as one of fast sport cars. It’s really important for Toyota to not make fans disappointed about it. For the basic trim, the car will get 4 cylinder 2.0 L that is able to deliver 241 HP and 258 ft for its torque.

The other trim receives more powerful engine, 6 tuned 3.0L that can deliver 335 HP and 331 pound for its torque production. The last and could be the faster trim is powered with 6 cylinder electric engine that can deliver 473 HP.

Different from its predecessor, 2020 Toyota Supra looks totally different for now. The car is redesigned for getting better impression. The car looks slimmer and more futuristic due to its nice curve and new bodyline design.

The car also receives new bumper and new lamp that is added on front and rear part. The car looks so sleek and sporty with new design. In this case, we are satisfied with the new look and we think that it can be a huge thing that can attract anyone for the car.

Not sure about the cabin since, Toyota doesn’t release any images yet. In this case, let’s make the most logic prediction about it. First, we imagine that there is a sporty cabin prepped inside. The cabin may looked really good with clean and neat arrangement inside.

The other thing is about the car’s features that go for the most advanced features that could be prepped. The only thing that we can say for now is, the car will go for safety feature and entertainment feature. In this matter, there should be some new things added.

2020 Toyota Supra Release date and price

Any people that have waited 2020 Toyota Supra for long time should be happy since, the car will be released for global market in 2020 and the price will be set for $55.000 based on information for now.

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