2020 Honda HRV Turbo Spy Shots

2020 Honda HRV Hybrid Changes and Redesign


Honda HRV will be redesigned and receive major change for the upcoming 2020 Honda HRV version. Honda HRV is a winner itself in its class as an elegant and luxurious car. Honda HRV almost reached a brake in its production and hasn’t long appeared again until Honda announced to refresh the model and promise to make some fresh changes in the 2020 version.

According to various sources, Honda will play safe in this Honda HRV. It is not necessary making this future Honda HRV unique but the change is friendly and attractive in its way. Let’s take a peek at some prediction of how this car will be.

2020 Honda HRV Turbo Engine Changes

The predicted machine that will power the car is of 1.8 liter four inline cylinders with six speed automatic transmission. It can produce up to 150 horsepower and 140 lb ft torque. The number does seem small and Honda indeed doesn’t design this car for performance.

It is enough for a comfortable driving during family trip. The second machine is 1.5 liter of the same version of machine but can only produce 120 horsepower and 115 lb ft torque. Honda HRV doesn’t emphasize speed but it will definitely save some fuel and good in EPA. Honda aims for car with fuel efficiency and is dependable enough for daily use rather than for heavy use.

2020 Honda HRV Exterior Design

The future Honda HRV will receive some major changes in the exterior of the car. Honda HRV is longer in the shape than Honda Fit about 169.1 inches of total length. The weight is lighter as the body all made of plastic along with aluminium chromed the car.

The wheels are especially made to look premium with 17 inches expensive material. The body is sleek and screams luxury yet the modest curvy makes it a more approachable car if it is compared to the elite Porsche or Lamborghini.

The four doors are made of good quality materials with windows that perfectly fit the body, making the car well put together and compact. Honda may not give this HRV a sophisticated machine but Honda has always been good in the design detail.

Thus the overall look of the future Honda HRV doesn’t make it looks like a cheapskate car and screams luxury but is modest enough for a family friendly crossover.

2020 Honda HRV Interior Design and Change

Honda HRV will have all the comfort and entertaining feature for a family and personal use. Honda HRV is popular for its spacious leg room and it looks like HRV 2020 version retains this plus point. The steering wheel is designed in a slim and comfortable way as for better handling. The five seat passengers are decorated in sleek black upholstered leather as well as the dashboard.

In the dashboard it features high definition screen for digital map and entertainment. The screen is placed strategically near the steering wheel so driver will be easier to look up at the digital map while still manage to drive safely and comfortably.

The interior is also coupled with the latest technology of connectivity with bluetooth and USB connectivity. There is speaker and camera included. For safety there are airbags, seat belts and driving assistance and safety technology.

2020 Honda HRV Price and Release Date

The price of this car is predicted to be around $20,000, definitely am affordable one. As for the release date, Honda hasn’t announced yet the date of the release as the year hasn’t in 2020 already. However it seems like it will be released at the end of 2017.

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