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2020 Honda Accord Coupe Review, Price and Specs


We have seen many interesting car from Honda and one of them is the Honda Accord Coupe, the latest series or generation of this car is called 2020 Honda Accord Coupe. Just like many other new car, it will be applied with variety of interesting features. These features of course will be based on some of the most important part in the car itself which focused on interior, exterior and engine of the car.

As a new product, we can expect many new improvements will take place into this car. For examples, there will be new features applied into the car interior. High tech features and also new comfortable feature will be set into the car interior. Other than that we can expect improvements that will be applied into the car exterior design or body.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Touring Review

Engine and its system will take some revision to see if the weakness that can be seen on the previous series is already solved. This will make the car even better and easier to be ride, of course as there are many rumors about the engine and system it means that the improvements itself is still under development. Which means it can changes for the better in the final results.

One thing that makes the car will look even better in the global car market when it will be released is the new exterior design. We can see a lot of interesting turns that make the car will feel gorgeous. It can be seen on the new body design that now looks much more stylish and also feel more curved or aerodynamics. Yes the new aerodynamics design is amazing giving an edge on the car exterior design.

To make things better it is rumored that this car will have a brand new color choices to be choose from. Yes, there are basically 8 new color theme for the car. The new color ranges from San Marino red, deep blue opal metallic, orchid pearl, crystal black pearl, still peal night, modern metallic steel and finally lunar metallic silver. There eight new color will become another great feature for the car.

Moving on from the exterior we will talk about the interior of the new 2020 Honda Accord Coupe. The new interior design offer many interesting improvements that will make the car feel much more stylish, for examples there will be blue tooth connectivity, new one piece folding rear seat and also cruise control system as well dual zone climate control with a brand new 7 inches infotainment system.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Engine

As the interior offer many interesting feature, what about the engine? Of course it also have improvements in general. This new Honda Accord will have new car engine. The new engine will be a 2.4 liter capacity engine with 4 cylinder model. This new engine can generate for around 185 horsepower and also 180 lb-ft of torque which is considered dependable and also reliable for a city car.

Other than the basic engine there are also a new more powerful V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity which offer around 278 horsepower at max and also 252 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be expected to have better fuel consumption in overall. All of the engine itself will be supported with six speed transmission system with manual operation and an alternate CVT system

Release date and Price

As always one of the most sought information about this car is going to be when it will be released on the global car market. Fortunately enough, we know that this car is going to be released on the year of 2020. Even without exact date, it is rumored that this car will be released on fall or autumn that year. Moving from the release date, it is predicted that the new 2020 Honda Accord Coupe price will be $23.000.

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