2020 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

2020 Ford Transit AWD Van Release Date & Price


It is said that 2020 Ford Transit is going to be released. In this case, some people do not call this as totally new car. This is because the previous car is released in 2014. There are only around 5 years, so they think that there will no big changes offered by this new Ford Transit. However, this is still assumption and the clear one will be released only by the manufacturer.

Although it may not be a totally new car with different look, there are some updates expected from 2020 ford Transit. Its engine is expected to get new and better performance. Then, its technology and safety feature should also get some upgrades. About the base price, it may not change too much, but this may have higher price with those upgrades.

New design of 2020 Ford Transit

One of the clear updates may be in the form of its exterior design. There is big expectation and prediction that the 2020 ford Transit will get new look. One of them is about its grille. Current car has hexagonal grille. Then, the new Ford Transit is predicted to have similar design as Expedition. There will be larger size of grille and this will be integrated with its headlights. The headlights will also get bigger size. There is also a big expectation that this car may look sporty.

For its interior, it is predicted that 2020 ford Transit will have the similar interior as Fusion. There may be some updates and upgrades, but it seems that it will not totally change the dashboard. Digitalized technology and entertainment unit will be some of the updates received by this car. Then, material of its interior is get improved to provide more convenience for everyone inside the car.

Engine Specification of 2020 Ford Transit

Some prediction state that 2020 ford Transit will not have big changes under its hood. The base model is predicted to use 2.0L turbocharged 4-inline engine. This is going to get output up to 245 horsepower and it is said that this is already above average for this type of car. However, it seems that previous engine, 3.5L V6, will not be used.

As the replacement for 3.5L V6 engine, this new 2020 ford Transit will have 3.3L V6. This may be smaller engine, but it is predicted that the output of this engine will still be the same as its previous one. The good point is that this can give better consumption of fuel, so this can be more efficient.

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