2020 Ford Super Duty Preview, Pricing, Release Date

2020 Ford Super Duty Diesel Rumors & Changes


2020 Ford Super duty is another interesting car that has been announced to be one of the competitors on the car global market by Ford. Due to this announcement and information, many people then try to find about the specification and also information regarding the new Ford super duty. Luckily for you, in this article we will give you some information regarding the car specification and enhancements in overall.

The enhancement and upgrade that are taking place in this car is going to be in the car interior design, exterior design and also engine. This means from all of the three parts of the car it is going to be improved even further in order to give the car a better specification and also final performance. For without further ado, here is some of the information regarding the car spec in overall.

2020 Ford Super Duty Engine Specs

Ford super duty is like its name which is a reliable truck car. Therefore we can expect that the new engine of this car will be even more powerful than the other engine. According to some speculation and official information the car will have V8 engine with 6, 2 Liter engine capacity. This car engine can also generate for up to 385 Horsepower and almost 400 torque of power which makes it even reliable and powerful than the average truck car.

2020 Ford Super Duty Exterior and Interior Changes

Exterior of the car is a bit obscured because the car is still on its development phase. However, according to the official teaser, it has been known that the car exterior will undergoes a more stylish lift up and will make the car looks even more menacing and also stylish. As for the overall size of this car, it is known that this car will have larger car with better aerodynamics design and also more stern design that makes it looks even more masculine than ever.

Even though some truck car overlooks the interior design, Ford actually gives some focus on the interior design of this 2020 Ford Super Duty. The interior design of this car will have a premium leather material and also will offer a more comfortable design which will make even the user of the car and passenger feels comfortable. As for the navigation system of the car it will be upgraded even more and will offer better interior design than the other truck car.

2020 Ford Super Duty Release date and Price

One of the most interesting information about this car will be the release date and its price. The price itself will be around $33.000 on its basic model which comes with the V6 engine. However, for the release date, it is a shame that the official itself still has not released the information regarding the release date of this 2020 Ford Super Duty.

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