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2020 Ford Lightning Truck Specs, Release Date, Price


2020 Ford Lightning will somehow be a great update for the highly regarded Ford legend, Ford SVT Lightning. As this charming beast is discontinued in 2004, there is a hope that this medium truck will be updated someday. The automotive fans of 2020 are ready to receive an overall upgrade for Lightning. They already knew well the performance and the quality of the medium truck.

Moreover, they believe that Ford Company will provide them with new specifications. Of course, it is produced in new design to give a fresh look and better performance. When the release dates due to come, surely there will be commutation in the medium truck market.

The Expected Specs of 2020 Ford Lightning

2020 Ford Lightning will be back as a brand-new type of Ford’s medium size truck. It comes with tons of change about the bodywork. From some buzz words, news leaked that the Ford Company will redesign the Ford Lightning. It is to be far more different than the last version in almost a decade ago.

From the external look of the body appearance, this medium duty truck will be face-lifted with more dynamic and fluid designs. The headlight has a new shape to bring the masculine beauty look. It also got revamped at the side of the grille and bumper.

The new look not only touches the exterior parts, but Ford also plans to restore and bring new technological features into its cabin. This 2020 Ford Lightning surely brings the new best-quality materials to boost overall cabin appearance as well as the new and more stylish yet functional panels.

Moreover, there will be new system navigation and live traffic information in the integrated display unit. The parking sensor and others are also their upgrade as well. This Lightning will possibly be equipped with the most update entertainment systems for the more pleasant riding comfort.

Engine, Release Date, and Price of 2020 Ford Lightning

Of all the bodywork new design and interior look, there would be one that must be anticipated by the Lightning lovers. That is the one under the hood: the engine. Ford has not confirmed yet about the engine specs. So, the fans should really be patient to wait the unrevealing of the supreme mystery.

However, from trusted sources, 2020 Ford Lightning will possibly be equipped with a V8, 5.3 liter engine. This big engine is enough to blow all types of road for average enthusiasts, with or without tons of load.

As about the release date of this Ford Lightning, Ford has not stated the official news yet. But, it is rumored that the vehicle will be on the market in 2020. Furthermore, with spy photos that circle around media lately, the release date probably is getting closer and closer.

Therefore, we can expect to see the product rolled down in this 2020. About the price, there is no official statement either. However, seeing the rolling news, we can expect that the statement will be released soon and we hope that the tag is around $ 40.000. So, are you ready for 2020 Ford Lightning?

Ford Lightning is rumored to make a comeback. After several years of dormant phase, this year will be marked as the comeback of 2020 Ford Lightning

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