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2020 Ford Flex Limited Redesign & Price


Ford is rumored for releasing 2020 Ford Flex. It’s one of series that was quite popular back then. Released at 2008, Ford Flex was favored by enough amount of people. However, things are not always going based on plan. Flex was drowned in failure at 2013.

Though it was considered as failure, Ford never stops to experiment. At 2020, Ford is going to re-release it again with something new. The new Flex is featured with newer features at several aspects such as, engine, exterior and its cabin.

2020 Ford Flex Review and Specs

Let’s get a glimpse about its changes. First, the exterior is set to be different. We will still see the iconic boxy body seen on the car’s body. However, Ford may put different nuance on the car’s bodyline. The car’s body will be looked more modern than before.

At its cabin, there are two vital points seen here. First, the cabin’s visual is a part that Ford won’t forget and try to improve always. Besides, the car’s features need to be improved. The features may hit the car’s entertainment and safety.

Don’t ever underestimated the car’s engine. You may not get a powerful or agile one but, Ford still gives us a surprise under the hood. Therefore, we should see what kind of powertrain prepared under the hood from the company.

All changes wrapped nicely on the car so, it’s started as a big part for the car. As the first thing, let’s talk about the car’s engine first. The engine will be differentiated based on the car’s engine so, there will be different engine options available.

As basic engine, V6 3.5L chosen that can generate 254 torque and 287 HP. The basic engine comes with good fuel usage from its start. For its fuel usage report, the car delivers 18 mpg for city road and 25 mpg for highway road.

In addition to first engine, there are still other options that are available. Twin turbocharged is added as the booster for the car’s engine. Therefore, it will be twin turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine. The engine is able to generate 350 torque and 365 HP. The fuel usage for this engine is, 16 mpg for city road and 23 mpg for highway road.

Both of engine will be powered with 6 speed automatic transmission system. Besides, there is also other rumor that said if the car will go for 9 speed auto transmission. However, it’s still remained as a rumor for the car.

There are also other rumors that come about the car’s drivetrain. The car may go for other engine option for different trim level. In this case, it will be a huge thing for the car’s engine later. It will help people in choosing the best trim based on their needs.

2020 Ford Flex Colors Option and Exterior Redesign

From the hood, we move to the visual part of 2020 Ford Flex. The car’s exterior is something that we will think for next part. As we’ve said before, the car goes for the same iconic Flex body design. But, it will go with different nuance seen on the car.

The car goes with the same car’s boxy design. The new thing will be seen on the car’s body design that is set more modern. It’s seen through its lamp design and other elements that are set on the car so, it will be a huge thing for the car.

Both front and rear parts are looked really cool. The car goes with modern lamp shape seen on the car’s body. Besides, the car is added with other elements that are seen as fog lamp. It’s also designed really cool.

The other good thing is, the company decides to use lighter material that means, it will be a huge thing for the car. The car may go for lighter weight that impacts the car’s performance and fuel usage. So, it’s a good thing for us.

Now, we switch to the inner part of car. For the cabin, the car will go for bigger room prepared inside. In this case, it will prepare huge room for people to move. It seems as a small change but people may get comfort zone at there.

Besides, don’t forget about its visual. The car’s cabin is set more beautiful than before. The car will go with nice leather chosen as the material. It will cover the car’s dashboard and seat that looks really great.

Last but not least, let’s find out more about the car’s feature. Both entertainment and safety part will get new change. For the entertainment, the car will go with many changes. A good sound system with amounts of features will be prepared.

For the safety feature, the car will go for other thing for example, more airbags prepared. Besides, there are also other features that are set for the car.

2020 Ford Flex Release date and price

Based on some rumors, there is possibility if the car will be released at early of 2020. While the price for basic version of 2020 Ford Flex will be cost for $30.000 – $38.000.

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