2020 Ford Fiesta ST Specs

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Model Specs and Release Date


The new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is rumored to come with more powerful engine. It comes with subtle changes on the exterior. Even though the new model did not get many changes both on the exterior and interior, the new model is predicted to deliver better performance.

On the outer part, for 2020, the Ford Fiesta ST only features minor changes. One of the new options offered by the automaker is a unique Storm Grey finish. This includes black color of the front grille, air dam lovers, and corner vents. Further, it rides on 17-inch alloy wheels which look great.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign and Changes

The exterior look for the new Fiesta ST will have darker color. Even so, it makes the appearance even more eye-catching. Further, the automaker also adds red brake calipers and a badge on the rear hatch to complete the look.

For 2020, the new ST also gets upgraded suspension dampers and springs; in the front and rear side. With these changes, the new ride is not lower and has a better stance.

As for the interior, the new Fiesta ST gets revamped door panel as one of the changes. Even though the dashboard almost looks similar to that of the previous model, the new model gets upgraded infotainment control knob. Further, the change is also brought to the center console.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Safety Features and Engine Specs

As for the safety features, the new Ford Fiesta ST is equipped with upgraded safety features. It comes standard with upgraded torque vectoring control as well as three-mode electronic stability control.  This enhancement is helpful for better cornering and overall agility.

In addition to it, the new Fiesta ST also gets revised braking system. This system includes a larger tandem master cylinder and rear disc brakes. Thus, this new ride can stop fast and efficiently.

The new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is powered by a more powerful engine than that of the 2013 Fiesta. Powering the new ride is a 1.6 L, EcoBoost, four-cylinder engine. The engine is now able to produce 197 horsepower and 213 pound-feet of torque. Well, even though the power might not be upgraded much, it still gets better than the previous one.

To enhance the power and to improve the performance, the automaker offers the additional transient overboost to the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST. This allows the engine to deliver more power. It can add up to 15 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque for up to 15 seconds on demand.

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