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2020 Dodge Rampage Price, Release Date, Specs


2020 Dodge Rampage was introduced back then on Auto Exhibition in Chicago. Dodge has a master plan on creating truck with modern and strong feature to redefine conventional truck design. Although the concept has been released almost a decade ago, the first production has just begun. Due to its impressive features, Dodge plans to make more vehicles with such feature sets in the near future.

Most automobile reviewers mention that crossover vehicle layout in this vehicle is a ground breaking innovation. Despite it has truck base layout, it presents beautiful characteristics that has never been seen in other vehicle. Both of its engine configuration and consistent performance are big plus of its specification. For outstanding performance in city roads and difficult terrains, this sturdy truck is one of the best options.

Exterior and Interior Design of 2020 Dodge Rampage

On first glance, exterior of 2020 Dodge Rampage is already able to draw people attention due to its sturdy looks. As it goes with most automakers, Dodge designs its strong exterior as the selling point to attract people interest. In order to do so, the manufacturer performs major facelifts to its layout. The result of this renovation is sturdy exterior with unbelievable strength.

The front section seems like ordinary SUV with its signature radiator grill and bigger headlight design. The bumper is thick and durable, while the roof is high to give extra space on the cabin. In the rear section, it provides bigger cargo capacity with great hauling and towing ability. This truck is equipped with 22 inch of alloy wheels to improve its aggressive impression.

The classic and uncomfortable interior design of conventional truck interior will not be found in 2020 Dodge Rampage. The interior designer for its cabin is cleverly combining comfortable aspect to usefulness factor. For instance, the comfortable rear seat can be folded in case the owner requires extra space for cargo. The comfort aspect is calculated perfectly by implementing generous space of cabin room.

The best thing about its interior is not only located in the premium quality leather upholstering used for passenger seats. Several useful features that commonly found in luxurious and expensive car can be found in the cabin as well. The control panel features touchscreen display with user-friendly interface. The features equipped on the interior are definitely intended to improve driving experience of its passengers.

Engine and Price of 2020 Dodge Rampage

A truck with aggressive appearance like 2020 Dodge Rampage will not complete without powerful engine specification under the hood. Therefore, the manufacturer of this handsome designed truck equips the vehicle with new powertrain configuration. It uses 5.7 liter of V8 engine that is reinforced with Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System to give powerful performance. Due to the brilliant engine configuration implemented on the truck, it is able to generate up to 345 horsepower.

The information related to its price and release date has not been officially released yet. However, some automobile observers calculate that it will be offered between $30,000 and $40,000. It is definitely suitable price range considering the specification of 2020 Dodge Rampage.

2020 Dodge Rampage is able to define the new meaning of truck. The crossover design makes the vehicle to be more than ordinary truck.

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