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2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 Specs and Release Date


2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 is new variant of Dart that can be company flagship model to compete on compact sedan market. First generation of Dart was released in 2012 and put into production in 2013. This car has age less than five years and Dodge wants to put new feature as the response to customer demand.

Dart becomes the first vehicle from Dodge that incorporates compact size since 2005 when Neon was discontinued. This car uses Chrysler and Fiat engine. Before Dodge intends to release SRT4, you may know 2012 model which part of rally competition and it has similar brand. The next section will explore more about this car.

2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 Design

As compact sedan, exterior of 2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 looks futuristic and aerodynamic. Front grille is small with company emblem and LED headlamp. From the front to the end of car, this car establishes dynamic curve. You can see integrate line in every side of the car and you hardly find flat space, especially on the car roof.

Analysts predict Dart SRT4 will come at least with four colors such as orange, white, blue, and red. Black, silver, grey, and brown are considered color to give more variation. Moreover, the wheel uses strong rim to handle pressure in each of car weight.

From cabin, you can see four seats in two-row and dashboard with several panels. High-grade leather covers the car seats. Wall and floor are covered with soundproof to dispel the noise and vibration. As compact sedan, Dart has more than you expected.

For instruments and equipment, screen on the front dashboard shows some apps with useful information. Driver can see the camera sign, blind spot notification, and every sensor in this car. You will get the latest entertainment system such as internal speaker, USB port, and internet radio.

2020 Dodge DART SRT4 Engine and Performance

Based on the latest specs, engine capacity of 2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 will be 2.9 and 2.4 liter that exhaust more than 160 horsepower. Engine for Dodge Dart comes from Chrysler and previous model has 1.4 liter from Fiat, though it seems to be dropped for SRT4. As compact car, this engine is suitable to deliver high-performance while driving in any road.

SRT4 model from Dart intends to be upgraded variant, which previously introduced as racing car in 2012. As you know, many automotive companies use racing competition to develop their own car for consumer market. It seems Fiat-Chrysler and Dodge try to collect whatever result from rally competition, then put it on new Dart.

For transmission, manufacturer puts six-speed automatic and manual into 2020 Dodge Dart SRT4. You can select automatic transmission when you need the easy handling and manual for more challenging. Other features on this car are anti-lock braking, traction control, rear camera, park assistant, airbag, and stability control. Dart receives the perfect mark for safety measure and equipment.

Based on recent information from manufacturer, the price for this car starts from $24,000. The price might be higher than current model because of many upgrades and refinements. Dart is produced to fulfill demand for compact sedan with elegant design, but in affordable price. Therefore, customers cannot resist buying 2020 Dodge Dart SRT4.

Compact sedan still has potential to grow, in spite of tough challenge from crossover and SUV category. 2020 Dodge Dart SRT4 will be new start in compact sedan category that make customer keep on eye at this car

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