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2020 Chevy 2500 High Country Specs & Price


The 2020 Chevy 2500 will be a new pickup truck model to enter the market in 2020. Chevrolet tries to get more consumers in this segment by updating the previous 2500 model. For the upcoming 2500, Chevrolet give some improvements to make it more stylish and more powerful than the current model. It will be a good pickup truck.

As we know, the pickup truck model gets more fans from time to time. Chevrolet tries to satisfy their consumers with the new 2500. The new model of 2500 is rumored to have a re-shaped body for the better style and performance. Of course, the engine for this new model also gets improved.

2020 Chevy 2500 Exterior and Interior Design

The new design and material for the body of the 2020 2500 will make it as a stylish and sporty pickup truck. The materials of the body and chassis will be lighter than the current 2500 model to reduce the overall body weight. Some improvements can be seen at the front and the back end of this pickup truck. Surely it will impress you.

At the front end, the bumper will use a new design that looks nice and sporty. The front grille of the new 2500 also gets a new design that is bigger than the predecessor. The LED headlights will be implemented in this upcoming 2500 model. The ground clearance makes this new 2020 Chevy 2500 as a good choice for any off-road needs.

The interior design of the new Chevy 2500 will be full of features and modern. The dashboard looks elegance and futuristic. It comes with the elegance finish using the premium leather and has a touchscreen display. The brown color dominates the dashboard.

Wood trims and leather materials can be found inside this new 2500. The cabin of the 2500 is very comfortable. It is supported with many modern features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports, HD radio and more. The safety features of the Chevy 2500 use the newest technologies from Chevrolet.

2020 Chevy 2500 Powertrain

As a pickup truck, we expect a strong engine inside the 2020 Chevrolet 2500. It’s crucial to have a powerful engine to support this pickup truck for any needs. The Chevy 2500 engine will use a 5.3-liter flex-fuel V8 engine. This powerful engine is capable of producing 355 horsepower and 494 Nm of torque.

The transmission system will use the new Hydra-Matric 6-speed transmission. The front-wheel drive system will deliver the power from the engine. But you can also order the all-wheel drive system. The acceleration is quite impressive as a pickup truck. The 2500 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph only in 6.9 seconds and also it has a good fuel efficiency.

2020 Chevy 2500 Price

It is always interesting to talk about the price and the release date of a new car. The new Chevrolet 2500 is expected to hit the market in early 2020. The price of this new pickup truck model is between $33,000 – $ 40,000. If you are planning to have a pickup truck to support your daily needs, the 2020 Chevy 2500 should be one of your considerations.

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