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2020 BMW M6 Grand Coupe Price and Specs


For 2020 market, BMW has released lots of cars including 2020 BMW M6. It’s one of series that is really popular till nowadays. Besides, there are also lots of people that acclaim themselves as long-time fan of the series. For 2020 series, there are lots of people that have wait for the car especially, for any changes that are projected for the car. Some of changes hit several parts of the car. Through this article, we will discuss about any changes that are given.

2020 BMW M6 Engine Specs

BMW has give a big change for the car’s engine by giving V8 4.4L Twin turbocharge that is able to deliver 552 HP and 502 torque power. Through the result, it’s really huge and satisfying especially, for any of you that love to get fast car.

If it’s not enough yet then don’t worry, BMW still gets other change. The car is equipped with rear-wheel drive that is really comfortable. There is also 7 speed automatic transmission that is available in two modes such as automatic and manual transmission.

2020 BMW M6 Exterior and Interior Changes

There are several changes given for the exterior of 2020 BMW M6. First of all, BMW decides to use lighter material that gives huge impact for the car’s performance. It’s said that the car has lighter body weight 250 pound lighter than its predecessor.

For its visual, BMW still retains its elegant and bold look which becomes the main characteristic of BMW’s car. For its lamp, the car also goes for LED headlamp that can give brighter illumination and nice design for the car’s lamp shape.

There are two points that we will give you about the car’s cabin. First, it’s about some features that are given for the car. Some of usual features are given inside such as, Bluetooth, good audio system and other are specific features that are only made for BMW for example, BMW iDrive interface.

The cabin is also designed with elegant and minimalist design that gives a beautiful visual inside the car. BMW also decides to use high quality leather as a cover that is used for the upholster and other parts of cabin.

2020 BMW M6 Release date and price

For any people that are interested in having it, it’s really important for you to get it as soon as possible since, it’s already in the market. Besides, the car is available at $131.427 as its average price. Even it’s really expensive, it’s worth for having 2020 BMW M6 that has many things for cozy and delightful driving experience.

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