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2020 BMW M5 Competition Release Date & Changes


Everyone loves the more options that they can get from a car, especially from the new 2020 BMW M5. Yes, this car might is coming from the M class edition from BMW that will be launched for the 2020 edition. However, unlike some other M class sedan from BMW, this new M5 comes in many different trim options that you can choose so that you will get more options of new M5 that you can simply drive based on your need.

Even though this car is considered as a sedan, but some people agree that this car also has its place on the coupe class so that some people matched and rivaled this new M5 with some of the best coupe such as Shelby GT 350 and AMG C Class from Mercedes. When you are talking about its trim options, you will simply get the four door sedan or maybe coupe as the base trim for this new 2020 BMW M5. However, there are also some other trim options that you can pick such as the two door options and the convertible style.

2020 BMW M5 Changes and Redesign

With all of those additional trims, you can simply get something that will suit your need best. Unfortunately, along with all of those trims, you cannot find significance changes over its overall exterior.

To make it simple, the exterior of all of those trims are considerably equal and similar. However, that is not a thing that will drop the sales of this new car down, that is what BMW said.

When you are talking about the exterior look of this car, you might not find many changes, but you can surely find some upgrades that will make this new M5 is worth to buy. One of them is the new looking headlights with the xenon material plus the hexagonal shape, just like the bee nest. This kind of headlights can be considerably unique since you can almost not find this kind of xenon headlamp shape but in 2020 BMW M5.

Even the newest 2020 edition of M2 is still using the all round headlamps. As an addition to that, the sporty impression can be simply felt from the rear part of this car since the rear bumper of this new M5 has been modified and given the sportier look. If you add a wing on its bak, then you can simply have the sporty looking race car impression from this car.

For your additional information, BMW is using the lighter carbon fiber material on some parts of this new M5 just to make sure that the car has some decreasing weight to increase its speed and performance. Therefore, you should not be shocked if you feel that this new M5 has a better performance in the terms of top speed and acceleration.

2020 BMW M5 Interior Features

When you are going inside this car, you might find that there are no major changes from the interior of this car. That is because the interior of this new 2020 BMW M5 has been using the best material as the cover since the previous generation of this car plus all of the panels have been perfectly placed to give the best layout to the driver to access all of the things within the reach.

However, the major change comes from the technology that is used in this car such as the satellite connection, the touch screen for navigation access, and some other similar things that you will surely love to be chipped inside this modern M5. For the safety features such as the airbags, the parking sensors, automatic parking, and breaking, and some other things, you can still get the best from them that will give you one of the best driving experience that you can have from this car.

For your information, even though this car comes with some trims that you can pick over, you cannot simply say the same thing for the engine. That is because the engine of this 2020 BMW M5 is limited with the turbocharged engine of the maximum displacement of 3.0-liter.

Even though, the engine of this car is nice enough so that you might not need another option for the engine, since the engine is able to give the maximum power of 425 horsepower. As an addition to that, this kind of engine is able to reach 60 within less than four seconds and that means this car has the acceleration that you will love when you need to drive fast.

Fortunately, the transmission of this car comes in two different options, which are the standard manuals and the automated manual transmission. The automated one has the maximum of seven speeds and the manual one has the total of six speeds. Therefore, you can pick one of them that will suit your driving style best; either it is automated manual of the fully manual transmission.

If you are asking the fuel efficiency of this car, you might not be shocked to learn that this new 2020 BMW M5 is able to reach the average of 20 miles for every gallon of fuel. However, something unique happens with the convertible trim, which usually spends more fuel for the same distance. Basically, the convertible trim of this style comes up with the heavier weight of about 500 pounds but it turns out that even the convertible only needs about a gallon to reach 20 miles and that will be a good news for those who are seeking for the convertible version of this car.

2020 BMW M5 Release Date and Price

If you urge to drive this new car, then you will need to wait until the first quarter of 2020 since BMW said that this new M5 will be launched around that time.

Even though the official launch of this new M5 is still in the next few months, that can be a good news since the price that will be tagged for this new M5 is reaching 71,000 US dollars for the base trim. Therefore, you can get at least six months to save some of your money for this new 2020 BMW M5.

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