2020 BMW i8 might not be replaced

2020 BMW i8 Coupe Price, Specs, Release Date


BMW always tries the best to provide beautiful and powerful cars for each lineup that is consumers need, and for this year another cool car known as 2020 BMW i8 will be announced to come. For those who have not known about this car, they are extremely unlucky because i8 – even the old version – is really cool vehicle in the world. The 2016 version of this car is a great representative for the 2020 version because it will be the basic idea to develop this car even more than before.

There are definitely some spreading news regarding the launching of 2020 BMW i8, but most of them still does not have the exact date when it will come. Even so, there is no need to worry because the chance of this car being shown in late 2016 or even in early 2020 is quite high. Though we cannot see the new version of the car in meantime, people can still see the older version which carries so many interesting features as sport car.

2020 BMW i8 Spyder Review

The first thing that determines whether a car is sport car is due to its physical appearance, and i8 definitely suits the definition. Extremely futuristic body work with low ground clearance becomes first thing to notice, and it is then emphasized with vibrant blue accent in its silver body. Every arch it has creates futuristic and sport impression that is unbelievably coming from this world, and that makes this car depicted as alien car.

That is not to mention the aggressive impression of its head that is quite noticeable when it stomps the ground, and when it does this car will surely bring amazed feeling to anyone seeing it. The extra-large rim installed as the base option of this car also enhances sporty look of this car while giving extra grip needed for running on the road. After all, everything related to this car’s appearance is positively valued, and it actually also happens for its interior.

2020 BMW i8 employs luxurious-looking furnishing from the dashboard to seating, handles, and other interior elements which are mostly made of recycled material. This effort from BMW shows commitment to create a vehicle that is extremely environment-friendly even though it is fated to generate and spend more energy as sport car. The inside of 2020 version of BMW i8 is predicted to have close resemblance with earlier model, and that means super futuristic dashboard and seats ready to be used.

In addition to simply nicely appealing, this car is also equipped with nice interior features that are quite comforting when driving such as wide screen as entertainment source, smart weather to control heat when needed, and airbags as safety system. There are several things to note, however, especially in terms of volume in the back seat because it is so much narrower than the front part. Moreover, anyone entering the 2020 BMW i8 must practice to get into this car couple of times due to scissor door mechanism.

2020 BMW i8 Engine Specs

Moving to the most noticeable element from this car that makes i8 different from other sport car is the fact that it runs with both oil-based fuel and electric energy alternatively or at the same time depending on the driver. This sport car is blessed with tremendous horsepower rated at 357 and it can be achieved through the combination of both power plants working together. Basically, this car convey two main engines and powertrains: the rear wheels get their rotation power from the gas engine while the front wheels can run solely because of electric generator.

Due to such engine set-up, 2020 BMW i8 is supposed to be able to run fast on the road just like its predecessor that can reach 60mph within 4.5 second or even better. Two engines will simultaneously work together to achieve such speed, and it is important to know that to fill the energy for this car requires 11.1 gallon of gasoline and 3.5 hours of charging at 110v station. If 3.5 hours is still considered too long, it is better to visit more sophisticated station offering 220v because at this level, the battery will be fully charged within 1.5 hours only.

After knowing its ability theoretically, the 2020 BMW i8 there is supposed to be someone who can drive this car to know exactly the feeling behind the steering wheel. Looking back at the 2016 version, the 2020 i8 is supposed to have similar driving impression or even better. That is to say, smooth natural acceleration even though the driving mode is changed should be retained because it is really convenient thing for driver.

Additionally, the composition of engine installed in the car also contributes towards final handling of this car, and such consistent easy control should be retained as well. There is definitely nothing more to be asked since even the earlier version has been established so perfectly. However, one change that may be important to be presented is the fact that this car is expensively priced.

2020 BMW i8 Coupe Price MSRP and Release Date

The 2020 i8 is priced expensively at $140,000 and it is the price that should be paid for small gain of efficiency if not using hybrid sport car. Additionally, those who only want the quality and performance of sport car actually will be disappointed since this car can be defeated easily with other cars in the equal price level. The 2020 i8 is supposed to be more powerful and more efficient car that will make this Spyder-looking car even worthier to purchase even without thinking twice.

This completely amazing car definitely will not be facelifted or announced to be released quite soon in the future. However, it is a certainty that this car will be revealed until every process is completed to tell this car into public. As rumors fly, this car which will have more than 500 horsepower gains some other interesting updates that people will respect.

Since it gains so many updates especially in engines and other functional features, this car will cost more than previously it was. It is predicted that this car will be priced for more than $200,000 so it is better to prepare all of the things before purchasing 2020 BMW i8.

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