2020 BMW 2 series Gran Coupe coming

2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Release Date & Changes


BMW will release its new 2020 BMW 2 Series in 2020. It’s a coupe model from BMW. There are some models for the coupe BMW 2 Series.

The M240i is one of the models of BMW 2 Series. The information about this car is still very limited from BMW. But, there are many rumors about the improvements of this upcoming M240i.

The improvements will cover all aspects of the car. The engine will get upgraded, and the exterior-interior design will get redesigned, and great fuel consumption.

Many of BMW fans are waiting for the launch of this coupe. You only need to wait for the release date. The official prices of this coupe can be found in this article.

2020 BMW 2 Series Coupe and Convertible Design

For the new BMW 2 Series, there will be some changes and improvements to the exterior design. The new M420i looks identical to its predecessor.

Let’s see more details of this car starting from the front end. At the front, you will find the new grills design. The new air intake system also gets redesigned. It comes along with the new LED headlights.

The use of LED for the headlights is a must right now. It has better illumination than any conventional lights. It has good illumination for any weather and road condition.

Now, let’s see the rear end of BMW M240i. Just like the front end, it will bring some changes and improvements. The new LED taillights will give a new style for this coupe.

The mirror caps will have a new style with the Ferric Grey metallic paint. The tail of the new BMW 2 Series will have round neatly shape. It also comes with the spoiler and new exhaust pipe design.

The new M240i will use four standard 18-inch alloy wheels. It will use double-spoke design. The body and the frame of 2020 BMW 2 Series will use the new materials.

In the upcoming BMW 2 Series, it will have less body weight compared to the current M235i model. It will give a good acceleration and also good fuel consumption. Surely it will be a great coupe from BMW.

2020 BMW 2 Series Interior Detail

There will be no major changes inside the car. The cabin and the dashboard will be identical to the previous M230i model. There will be a stylish dashboard and cabin inside the car.

The dashboard size will remain the same. But surely there will be some improvements. The new touchscreen display panel can be found on the dashboard.

The biggest improvement for the interior will be the technology. There will be a Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Now you can also connect your Android or Apple devices to control some features of this coupe.

This new BMW coupe will be able to accommodate up to four passengers including the driver. The seats are very comfortable because using the premium leather materials. The cabin is also adequate for your legs and head.

2020 BMW 2 Series Engine Changes

It’s the time for you to look at the engine. It will use the engine from M235i with some technology upgrade. So, there will be a 3.0-liter straight six with turbocharger engine.

This engine will be able to deliver more power than the current model. It can produce up to 335 horsepower and 369 pounds of torque. It will have good acceleration.

This engine will be combined with the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission system. You will also have a good fuel consumption. It will be a powerful coupe from BMW.

2020 BMW 2 Series Release Date and Price

The new coupe sedan of BMW 2 Series will be priced at $45.145 for the rear-wheel drive model. For the xDrive version, it will be priced at $47,145. It’s the official price of 2020 BMW 2 Series that is released by BMW.

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