2019 VW Passat R Line White Colors

2019 VW Passat USA Release Date and Redesign


VW or Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer which has released many vehicles. There are many models of the cars which can be chosen, starting from SUV to sedan. If you like to choose sedan as your vehicle then 2019 VW Passat could be your choice.

As it is known that sedan includes in one of the most favourite cars today. Its small design somehow becomes the reason why sedan car has been chosen by people. Besides, the car that is good in many situations is another good thing from sedan. It can be nice for going to the party or office.

Moreover, in the latest 2019 design of VW Passat is predicted that it will be refined and more attractive, so that it is the time for sedan hunters to get its great vehicle. As the same with the other VW cars, this sedan will bring its luxury and great performance. Then, added with some new designs in the next 2019 version, the sedan is expected will be a top-selling car. In addition, if you want to get more information about this VW sedan, you will find it in the explanation below.

2019 VW Passat TDI Redesign

For the first thing which will be redesigned is the interior of the car. In this case, there are many features that will make all the passengers and drivers get their comfort. A high quality of the material used is the important thing here. After that, other supporting features like automatic braking, rain sensing wipers, rear view camera, touch screen display, crash avoidance and many more make the interior of 2019 VW Passat greater. Talking about the space, a roomy cabin will be got by all buyers choosing this sedan as their vehicle.

Besides the interior, the exterior of the sedan also will look so attractive. A streamlined body and also the best alloy wheels are the two great part that have been redesigned. Then, the headlights which are designed more stylish become the important thing to make the sedan gets its sporty and sleek look. Thus, with this very good 2019 VW Passat sedan, you will never regret in buying the vehicle from big German car manufacturer.

2019 VW Passat  Wagon Engine and Performance

Furthermore, if you own this vehicle, indeed, you do not need to worry about the performance of the car in the road. It means that the sedan will be powerful and never make you disappointed. It is caused by the engine of the sedan itself. Here, the engine is V6 2.0 L 4 cylinder. Otherwise, another engine that you can choose is that V6 3.0 L. Those engines will produce high power. Then, the fuel economy of this 2019 VW Passat is expected greater rather than the previous vehicle. Combined with a good transmission which is 6 speed automatic one, it will be so great for the car in performing its speed in the road.

Last, the release date of the car is expected in the late of 2017. However, for the exact date, it is still a secret since the manufacturer has not told about it. In its release date, you have some trims which you can choose such as S, R-Line, and SEL. Each trim will give you different features and also different price as well. The price itself starts from $22,800 for S trim, $24,500 for R-Line trim and $30,900 for the SEL trim. You can choose one of the trims depending on your want or need.

All the trims that have been mentioned above can be in the showrooms next year. Indeed, it is still a long time for you to prepare many things so that when the time comes, you have been ready to own this 2019 VW Passat.

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