2019 VW Beetle Dune Review

2019 VW Beetle Dune Convertible Release Date and Specs


The new 2019 VW Beetle will be a new mid-range stylish car from VW. This new car will have stylish exterior and interior design, a compact body size, and a powerful mid-range engine. The new Beetle will be an amazing addition to your garage.

The new upcoming VW Beetle will bring the iconic classic model with many new modern features and technologies. Driving this car in the afternoon on the city road will be very nice. Such an eye-catching car with a very comfortable handling.

Many people expect that this new VW Beetle will be released sometime in 2019. There is no any official information for the release date. Many VW Beetle lovers are waiting for the launch of this car.

Compared with the previous model, this new VW Beetle will bring some improvements to the exterior, interior, and the engine. The body dimension will remain the same as the predecessor. But VW gives some addition to make it looks more stylish than the 2016 model.

Talking about this new VW Beetle will be very interesting. There are many aspects to be discussed. From this Beetle’s article, you will find some information about the VW Beetle 2019.

2019 VW Beetle Convertible Review

For the Beetle’s exterior design, you will find some refreshment in this car. The modern shapes and body lines are presented in this car. It will make this new Beetle more stylish and luxurious than the predecessor.

The current front fascia model will have a new form for this upcoming VW Beetle. You will find the new LED headlights and grills design. The VW logo still can be found at the front.

The new LED headlights will give you a good illumination for any road and whether conditions. The new grills design come along with the new air intake design. It will give the 2019 VW Beetle a better air circulation than the predecessor.

In this upcoming model, the VW Beetle will have the sort-of coupe roofline. The four alloy wheels still can be found in this car. At the back, there will be dual exhausts and also a rear spoiler.

The body dimension will remain the same as the predecessor. But there are some minor changes. It will be wider about 2.2 inches, higher about 1.1 inches, and taller about 2 inches than the previous Beetle.

After we discuss the exterior, it’s the time to talk about the interior. Just like the exterior, the interior will be stylish and modern. The new VW Beetle will bring many new technologies and features.

This VW Beetle is able to accommodate up to 4 passengers. The cabin is large enough for us to move our head and leg comfortably. The seats are also very comfortable using the premium leather as the cover.

The implementation of a 7.7-inch touch screen display will be found on the dashboard. It will be the center to control some features of this Beetle. It is also functioned as the source of entertainment, accompanied with the high-quality sound system.

2019 VW Beetle Engine Changes

Let’s see the engine of the new VW Beetle. The rumor said that it will have a better electrical engine than the predecessor. It will have a 2.0-liter turbo with 4-cylinder TDI engine.

The engine will be combined with the direct injection system. The transmission will use the 6-speed DSG automatic transmission. There are still some possibilities for the transmission system.

This engine will be able to deliver 201o horsepower and 230 pounds of torque. Of course, it will also have better acceleration and fuel consumption than the predecessor. This new Beetle will be amazing outside and inside.

2019 VW Beetle Price

How about the price of this new Beetle? There is no any official information from VW about the prices. But, we can assume that the 2019 VW Beetle will be priced starting from $19,000 for the basic model.

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