2019 Volvo V40 Wagon Rendered With V60 Exterior Design Elements

2019 Volvo V40 Wagon Release Date and Price


2019 Volvo V40 is the new hybrid vehicle from Volvo. It was revealed to be an hybrid or electric – power car. On 2019, this new model will be available with two betery sizes. It has something to do with the engine, you can choose either petrol or diesel engines. What are other redesign, engine’s specs that Volvo is going to put in its new model? When is the exact date of it’s hitting the showroom?

2019 Volvo V40 Redesign

As the altenative to the VW e-Golf and Audi e-Tron, the 2019 Volvo V40 will be crossed over with XC40. The style that are taken from XC40 are including the angular LED headlights and the bluff grille. On its production, V40 also put the concept square rear lights, and contrasting roof.

Believed as a sportier model then the current Volvo V40, 2019 Volvo V40 will sit lower than XC40. At some point, the newest model of 2019 V40 shown with the concept more saloon-ish. Rumored that V40 hatchback may be joined by a practical saloon model. Also, the slim door mirrors will be slightly changed in this production.

Inside the car, Volvo V40 uses same materils as XC40. This make a premium feeling cabin. On top of that, built-in gadgets given are nine inch touchscreen pad, dashboard speaker, instead on the door, so it’ll give more rooms for your water bootles or else. Leathery interior also became the main thing here to give the more premium and luxurious feeling.

Specs of 2019 V40

Volvo V40 offers the four cylinder petrol and diesel engines. But, since it is expected to be either hybrid or using fullt electricity, there are at least two batteries option. The one is smaller capacity and less costly, the other one is larger in capcity but will cost more. Even so, the fully electric model can provide quick acceleration and become less noisy.

The combination a turbocharged 1.5 liter three cylinder gasoline engine is well expected to be with an electric motor as the plugin hybrid. 180 horse power engine is offered along the extra 75 horse power from the electric motor. A battery pack with 10 kWh capacity approximated up to 32 kilometers.

Volvo V40 2019 Released date and price

Regarding the price of the current model of Volvo V40, any upgrade and redesign given, it is safe that the price of this Volvo’s new vehicle is around $20,000. Since there is no official report about the release date, and it is too early to know the exact date, we can expect it will be launched on 2019 the latest on early 2020. Keep yourself updated about 2019 Volvo V40 released date.

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