2019 Toyota Yaris Turbo Specs and Price

2019 Toyota Yaris iA Price, Specs, Release Date


The new 2019 Toyota Yaris will hit the market sometime in 2019. This Toyota baby is a favorite for many people. They love the compact body size and the feature. It can be a great vehicle to be used in a crowded city.

The new 2019 Yaris is designed to have participated in WRC, World Rally Championship. We can expect that the performance of this new Yaris will be powerful. The compact design comes with great exterior and interior. The engine will be upgraded to meet the consumer expectation of a powerful, compact SUV.

2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan Review and Changes

If we look at the body size and dimension, it remains the same with the current model. But, Toyota make some changes for the exterior and interior to make it better. The new Yaris will have the same cabin size as the predecessor. It can accommodate up to four passengers.

Talking about the new Yaris will be interesting. There are many details of the car that can be discussed. Many Toyota fans are waiting for the release date and also the price information of this upcoming Yaris. It will be a great rival for other compact SUV’s from other competitors.

The Exterior Design

The new 2019 Yaris will come with the new exterior design. Toyota will improve the body strength to ensure the safety, especially for off-road driving. The body will have some spoilers and also new big wheels for a better off-road driving experience. So, it will be a strong, compact SUV.

The new Yaris 2019 will have the new LED headlights. It is designed to give a good illumination in any road and weather conditions. The new grille design can be found at the front end. It comes with the new air-intake system for a better air supply and circulation to the engine. You can find the Toyota logo at the front of the new 2019 Toyota Yaris.

At the back, there is no any significant changes. It still uses the same design with the current model with some minor improvements. We can expect that the taillights will also use LED for a good illumination. The exhaust will use the same design as the predecessor.

The use of stronger and lighter body materials will reduce the overall body weight. It will give the new Yaris a good acceleration and fuel consumption. There will be four alloy-wheel to deliver the engine power. There will be some color choices available for you.

The Interior Design

How about the interior design? As stated above, it will have the same cabin size as the previous model. The upcoming Yaris will have the same dashboard design with the predecessor but with the new layout. The LCD panel will be found on the dashboard. It can be used to monitor the car condition and control some features of the car.

The seats will be comfortable enough for you. But, if you are a very high man, this compact SUV will not be comfortable for you. Maybe you will not be able to move your leg and head freely. The seats are covered with premium leather to make it stylish and comfortable. Nothing more from the interior that you can expect from this compact SUV.

The Power Train

As a new powerful, compact SUV, the 2019 Yaris will use a 1.0-liter VVT petroleum engine for the basic model. It will be able to produce 70 horsepower. There will also be a 1:33 dual VVTT petrol engine with 97 horsepower. The other engine option will use a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces 88 horsepower. The

The Prices

Toyota has not stated any specific information about the prices and the release date. We can only expect that it will be released in 2019. How about the prices? Many people believe that the new 2019 Toyota Yaris will be priced around $15,000 to $20,000.

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