2019 Toyota Hilux Philippines Release Date

2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel Price ini USA and Philippines


2019 Toyota Hilux will be one of the new car that are going to be released by Toyota. As we already know, Toyota has been known as one of the most popular and also well-known car developer as well. With this in mind of course we can expect many great things for the new upcoming Toyota Hilux. For you who want to know more about this car then here are some of the information that we can come up with.

2019 Toyota Hilux Exterior and Interior redesign

There will be improvement that will make the new exterior design of this Toyota Hilux much more appealing than the other car. Aggressive but cool is maybe the right way to call this car improvement regarding the exterior. With aerodynamics design and larger compartment for the back storage, this car will make sure that all of the truck fans will not be disappointed by its design.

The interior design that this new 2019 Toyota Hilux will be having is going to be far better. We can see several improvement that will make the interior of the car much better than the previous model. First of all we can see that there will be new display screen with touch screen features. Infotainment system as well navigation system and comfortable material for the seating with larger interior will make this car interior great competitor in the market.

2019 Toyota Hilux Engine, Safety Features, Price and Release date

The engine that will be installed into this car will be a Cummins engine with V8 model and 2, 8 liter engine capacity. This engine will be able to generate 300 lb-ft of torque and around 200 horsepower for the output and input. The engine will also have alternate engine which is known as a V6 engine with 3, 6 liter capacity. Which means the engine that will be applied to the car will be based on the car trim level.

Another features that are also important is the safety features of this car. According to some of the information that we can gather this new car by Toyota will be equipped with the most advanced safety features ever. Safety features will be ranged from the car airbag mechanism system to the collision detection system and parking assist. All of these will ensure the safety of the driver and passenger.

Before we go to the release date of the car it is a good idea to talk about the price of this car. Even though there are only minimal information regarding the car price. We expect the car to hit the market with around $27.000 for the basic model. Finally, we go to the last information of this car which is the release date of the car. The car release date is not known for the exact release date, however, we can expect the new 2019 Toyota Hilux to be released on 2019 or the end of 2017.

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