2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser Specs and Redesign

2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, Colors, Redesign


The 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser is rumored to be the last FJ car from Toyota. In this upcoming model, Toyota will give many improvements. Toyota will make sure that the last FJ model will be a nostalgic car. As you know, the FJ Cruiser has a very classic appearance. A great choice for them who loved old fashioned car.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has a strong and masculine appearance. A very strong cruiser to conquer any heavy roads. Toyota states that the production cost for this FJ model is too expensive. Not many people love this kind of car. Only certain people and car enthusiasts who love this kind of car. That’s why Toyota decide to stop the production.

2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser Redesign and Changes

It will be very interesting to see many details about this last FJ Cruiser from Toyota. This car was firstly released in 2006. It has no rivals because not many cars in this segment. It got many fans when it’s released for the first time. For this last FJ model, many car enthusiasts will put their attention. They want to see something precious and unique from this FJ Cruiser.

The Exterior Design

The exterior design of Toyota FJ Cruiser is unique. Although it released in the 20th century, the body design comes in contemporary and classic style. Having this kind of car will make you as a trend setter. But, not many people want to use this kind of car, especially for daily use in the city.

The body design is very strong. It can handle every weather and road conditions. For the last FJ Cruiser model, Toyota will make some improvements. We will find some new side wings, a redesigned and bigger fender, and also a bigger rear bumper. It will make this Cruiser looks stronger than the previous model.

In this new 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser, the design is slimmer than the predecessor. Toyota tries to give a fresh and modern appearance. The frame still uses the same as the current model with minor changes. Toyota tries to attract some young fans for this car. So, it will be an old fashioned cruiser with many modern technologies and features.

The Interior Design

Forget about the old-fashioned car with the uncomfortable cabin. The FJ Cruiser is the masterpiece of its cabin space and design. The cabin is large and very comfortable. Although you are driving the car on the heavy road, you can still feel the comfort.

The FJ Cruiser cabin has two seat row. The second row only comes with a single seat. There is more available space to put your stuff inside the car. The seats use premium leather as the cover. It’s very comfortable and looks stylish.

There will be enough space for your head and your leg. You can enjoy every trip inside this cruiser. The Toyota FJ Cruiser brings many modern features. A 3.0 Bluetooth, a high-quality CD/MP3 player, a radio satellite, and the six-speaker audio system can be found as the entertainment media.

The LCD panel also can be found on the dashboard. You can use it to control some features of the car or use it as the entertainment media. There is also the USB port for your phone and also a good air conditioning system. This FJ Cruiser is also equipped with the Front Airbags for the safety.

The Power Train

Talking about the engine, the Toyota FJ Cruiser will use a 2-TRD 4.0-liter V6 DOHC engine. It can produce 280 horsepower and 290 pounds of torque. This powerful engine will be combined with the 6-speed manual transmission for the four wheel versions and the 5-speed automatic transmission for the rear wheel drive.

The Prices

The release date and the prices are still unfixed. Toyota has not given any information about it. We can only expect that it will be released in 2019. The price of the new 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be around $40,000.

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