2019 RAM 2500 Cummins Specs

2019 RAM 2500 Cummins Specs and Redesign


2019 RAM 2500 is one of the series on the Dodge Ram legacy series which has been known throughout the years. Dodge Ram 2500 is a version which is much powerful than the original dodge Ram. Therefore it is as expected that many people are highly anticipating the new car development and release due to this reason alone.

The new specification that will be introduced into this car is said to be very good and also unique. The most interesting things is that the changes will cover almost all of the dodge Ram parts from exterior, interior and of course the engine. Of course with all of the rumor about this car it is quite difficult to predict which news and information that are the most reliable, fortunately here we are with the information.

2019 RAM 2500 Diesel Concept

One of the highly anticipated news for this car is none other than the engine. However, according to the news that we can gather there are not enough information about what kinds of engine that will be applied into the car hood. Of course there are several candidate for the motor or engine that will be implemented into the car engine in this new Dodge Ram 2500.

The candidate for the new engine ranges from the V6 engine with 3.6 Liter capacity and the next one is the HEMI engine which is known as the more powerful version than your average engine. The HEMI engine will be a V8 engine Petrol Motor with a whopping 5.8 liter capacity. In other words, the car engine is going to be far more powerful than the previous version of the car especially the HEMI engine.

2019 RAM 2500 Interior and Exterior Redesign

2019 RAM 2500 does not have enough information regarding the car exterior design. This is because Dodge try their best to cover the exterior of the car. Other than that there are several rendered pictures that are leaked throughout the internet that can help us make our own prediction which the scarce information that we can get.

According to the rumor it will be having new looks on the exterior especially on the design which now looks even more stylish due to some aerodynamics features provided by it. There are also some improvements in the headlights and also grille that is now look more futuristic and also stylish. Other than that information the exterior design other changes remains unknown.

Interior Design for the Dodge Ram 2500 is one tops notch quality. The reason is because the material that are given are pretty comfortable and also add some dimension to the interior. The use of neutral color for the interior will give a unique nuance that will make the interior feel beautiful to look at which makes it a greater feature for this all anew Dodge Ram 2500.

There are improvement especially on the dashboard of the car. This car will utilize a better car navigation system that can give the overall performance and status of the car in easy to comprehend fashion. There are also safety system which is far improved than the last version making the car much more comfortable and also safer. In overall we can say the interior is the combination of both comfort and safety in one go.

2019 RAM 2500 Release date and Price

The information about the release date and also the price for the new Dodge Ram 2500 is not known yet. However, according to the information that we can gather the release date is not too far from the year of 2019. Which means it can also be released globally at the year of 2019. For the latest information about 2019 RAM 2500 price is unknown until now, which means we need to wait more.

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