2019 Jaguar XK Coupe Price

2019 Jaguar XK Coupe Price, Release Date, Redesign


The newest 2019 Jaguar XK is rumored to arrive within 2019. Since its last update in 2009, the car barely gives any refreshment to the vehicle. With the fact that the car has been on the market for more than fifty years, starting from 1968, it already has its own name on the market.

It is being said, even though there aren’t any updates, the current model relatively stable on sell. There are many rumors regarding what kind of changes Jaguar will put to their new car, since the competition is getting tight with the release of new model from other brand as well.

2019 Jaguar XK Engine Specs Possibility

The latest information about the 2019 Jaguar XK release was just a statement made by the spokesman that they are working on new car. Other than that information, car’s specifications only shows up because of speculation.

Same things go to the engine. There are rumors that Jaguar will be powered by all-new V6 engine both in petrol and diesel options. There is huge possibility that the engine will also available in hybrid.

As far as the information goes, it can only be the assumption as there is no official statement just yet. Another strong rumor also saying that the car will go all in to change its engine with an electric one. This cause by no reason as the Jaguar XK is always make bold move, at least to their two latest model, the 2003 edition and 2009 edition.

2019 Jaguar XK Redesign and Change

For the 2019 model, the car will still be the luxury sedan with amazing feature both for the exterior and the interior. The look of the car somehow will look similar to the Range Rover Sport, its sister company’s car. This type of model will never die as it always on full demand, just like the Mercedes S Class.

Regarding the design, there is not much information about it, several things for sure that it will use aluminum as the material to its body. The concept of the car will keep it classy with sleek and luxury design. It is also said that this car will be the sportiest model of the lineup. As for the panels and structure, it will use the carbon fiber to give it lighter body.

Little known about the interior of the car. However, considering the price and the concept it brings, we can be assured that it will only use premium and high-quality material for the entire cabin. Besides that, the it will also use the latest technology for its safety system and entertainment system.

2019 Jaguar XK Price and Release Date

Based on the signal given by the company, the car will be launch at the end of 2019 and can be found on the market on 2019. Although there is also a slim chance that the car will be also introduced in the early 2019 and start the selling on mid to late 2019. As for the price, it is uncertain. Judging from how it looks and the previous price, this time 2019 Jaguar XK might be sell around $75.000 for the starter price up to $121.000 for the best trim.

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