2019 Honda Fit Turbo First Look

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Redesign and Release Date


The third generation of Honda Fit is expected to enrich the car department in 2019. With the hybrid technology, 2019 Honda Fit will bring improved technology and improvement as Honda promised. As one of the pioneer in hybrid engine technology, auto fans have high expectation for this car to be able to come out as surprise and bring fresh and new face despite it being a redesign.

Honda Fit 2019 version is expected to be the favourite choice for family car and a winner in midsize sedan segment. As high as the expectation is, auto fans should be prepared of whatever Honda is preparing for this Fit lineup. Some description and prediction below can act as guide.

2019 Honda Fit Exterior Redesign and Changes

Again, the trend of lightweight car apparently will affect how Honda Fit is designed. The material of the car’s body is of lightweight aluminium. The front grill will be made of plastic instead but still ringed with beautiful chrome that is Honda characteristic and it will have roofing spoiler.

The headlights is aesthetically placed to follow the car’s body contour. Honda Fit 2019 version will still a bit thicker in the front with high bumper and wide portion in the lower bumper. As beautifully crafted as it is, Honda Fit still retain the old look of the predecessor and may not look as slim and futuristic like other 2019 redesign car concept.

The future Honda Fit will bring resemblance of Honda Jazz and various options of colours are likely to be available. Therefore, we can expect Honda Fit to be both family friendly and fashionable car, though lacking im sophistication department.

2019 Honda Fit Interior Design

The 2019 version of Honda Fit will feature all 2019 car technology that exists. Honda Fit is a five passengers car that are designed to bring comfort and is family friendly. Honda will give premium look to the car as Honda will never leave luxury left behind despite the friendliness of the design.

The steering wheel is placed strategically to provide comfortable handling as well as spacey leg room. The car also features air bags and seat belts just like any normal car has.

The technology included in the car will be a seven inch high definition touchscreen as infotainment and navigation device along with digital map. Honda Fit is also featured with connectivity with bluetooth and USB port.

Connecting gadgets and mobile device with specific operating system like Android or iOS is made easier and more compatible. There will be speaker, audio control and other entertainment device. As for the safety technology, there will be climate control, parking sensor, driving assistance and auto drive.

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Engine Specification

The assumption of the engine that will be the power of Honda Fit is 1.5 liter four cylinder Atkinson machine with velocity double geared transmission consists of seven transmissions. It can produce about 130 horsepower and 114 lb ft torque. The number seems small compared to other cars but then Honda Fit is fit more for family car and individual use rather than for heavy use or speedy performance.

Another predicted engine is the same engine but with smaller capacity of 1.3 liter and six speed automatic transmission. The engine will feature fuel efficiency and as it is hybrid, it is also featured electrical motor system. Therefore, driver can switch between two mechanisms of power.

2019 Honda Fit Price and Release Date

As Honda Fit is not meant for either performance or heavy use car, it is a low segment car and approximately will be priced around $14,000 up to $25,000. As for the release date, it is not yet announced but it will likely be released at the end of 2017.

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