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2019 Honda Accord Sedan Hybrid Redesign


Honda is a popular auto maker that has produced many car lineups in auto department. It is rumoured that Honda is planning to release a 2019 Honda Accord to enrich the marker along with other auto makers. Honda Accord has been long known as a midsize sedan that offers both comfort and luxury.

Honda does never fail to deliver both aspects. Unfortunately an exact picture of the car is still unclear since Honda is not as open as other auto makers to share the secret of their next car. Fortunately there is some hints regarding the future Honda Accord, check the description below.

2019 Honda Accord Exterior Design

The new Honda Accord is expected to have lighter weight. Lightweight car seems to be the trend of future car and Honda picks this sign. Lighter body means more agility and dynamic performance. Cutting on the weight doesn’t mean a minus point for the luxury. It is predicted Honda will combine materials to create both lightweight and luxurious car with a grande but compact concept.

The car will be a four door car with a two narrowed sides of grill that screams speed and sleek body that gives off luxurious vibe. The headlights ia designed ina supper narrow but perfectly fitted to the car to further emphasize the futuristic look. Honda Accord 2019 version will have windows that seemingly and flawlessly are part of the body itself.

2019 Honda Accord Interior Design

Honda never fail to impress the auto fans with how premium the interior of their car lineups look like. Honda Accord itself is a favourite and bestselling in its class so it is likely Honda will put much effort in improving the 2019 version. The car will have seats up to 5 passengers and gives more leg room and more comfortable steering wheel placement as a compact yet well defined interior is the aim of the future car.

The car will feature black and premium upholstered seats and dashboard and technology that is likely related to auto driving, which is popular recently.

The technology will include high definition touchscreen with entertainment feature, sound system, connectivity to bluetooth, USB and digital map. Honda Accord will also feature camera but the number and the placement is unknown.

There are parking sensor, air bags, and auto drive technology included in the interior of the car. Some additional technologies or feature may be added in the future. Who knows if in the future, another invention of car technology is found and applied in every car.

2019 Honda Accord Engine Specification

The expected future Honda Accord will be powered with 2.4 litre four chamber machine and is likely to include electric motor with turbocharged technology. As future car is more concerned fuel efficiency, a combination of both gas and electric fueled car is a expected concept to be applied in 2019 future cars.

This kind of engine will produce 186 ft lb torque and coupled with six speed auto transmission. Another option for the car is the famous V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is able to produce 278 horsepower.

The hybrid technology is also rumoured to be featured in the car. Hybrid technology use the former machine technology, where driver can kick in the more powerful gas powered engine over the electrical one if wishing for more speedy and rough performance.

2019 Honda Accord Price and Release Date

The future Honda Accord 2019 version will be priced around $ 24,100– $ 35,140 which fall in middle category. As for the release date, we can expect the car to be released around the end of 2017 or during 2017 fall season.

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