2019 Ford F350 Diesel Revealed

2019 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs and Release Date


Even it’s not announced yet, people’s expectation for 2019 Ford F350 is getting higher. Known as part of Ford Super Duty, people start to wonder about the car in the future. Thus, it’s really interesting in seeing for any changes given by the company for the car.

Through the years, F350 is not a truck anymore. From a truck, it has turned to be a personal car that used by many people. It gives hint for any people about how Ford will work for the truck. For this problem, there will be several factors adjusted to the truck.

For F350, Expert predicts several changes that will be given for the car. First, the car will receive new engine that is more powerful. Second, the car will come with new design for both exterior and interior. These information will be discussed more below.

2019 Ford F350 Dually Specs

There is only one rumor that comes for the car’s powertrain. It’s V8 5.7 L that is said to be put under the hood. The engine looks really strong so, it’s good enough for the truck. It’s good for city road and any types of terrain.

Next, it’s about the car’s transmission system. What kind of transmission that will be implemented for the car. First, there is a rumor said that the car may get 6 manual transmission system. Besides, there is also rumor 7 automatic transmission system for the car.

For now, there were the only things that we can get for now. Later, the company will announce anything that is not revealed. It could be the car’s trim level or fuel efficiency. These problems are common thing that make people curious for.

Besides, people also expect for better fuel efficiency that is better than before. In this case, it becomes great thing that can help you to get it. For this problem, the most important thing is, the car’s weight and engine improvement that is important.

2019 Ford F350 Interior and Exterior

For the exterior of 2019 Ford F350, there are several factors that we are going to discuss. The first thing is about the car’s weight. The car’s weight is said to be improved than before. In this case, we know that it will affect the car’s fuel usage and performance.

Since the car may be heavier then it will affect the car’s performance to be slower. Besides, the car’s fuel usage may use it more so, we need to prepare ourselves for this problem. Though the car is set to be heavier but, there is still other thing that is set for the car.

The other thing is about the car’s design. Its design looks really elegant. The front part is designed really elegant with a huge grille and iconic Ford icon put on front. A double front lamp is set on front as a way to get more illumination.

The luggage part is also designed larger as a place to put more stuff. Last but not least, don’t forget about rear design since, it looks really cool with the placement of cool rearlight that looks sporty and elegant. It complements the front part well.

For the cabin, there are several things that are implemented. First, the usage of mesa leather is the important point here. It’s known for its quality and visual value that looks really cool. The cabin may looked luxurious and comfortable.

The cabin will be designed larger due to the larger design cabin design that looks really good. The passengers will feel really comfortable while sitting inside. It becomes another good thing given for the car.

There are also several features that are said such as, OD transmission, remote start, and etc. These features are another good thing that can attract people to get the car. Overall, Ford is seems doing a great job with it.

2019 Ford F350 Release date and price

Rumor says that the car will be released at early of 2019 while the price of 2019 Ford F350 is started at $37.800.

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