2019 Dodge Journey SRT First Look

2019 Dodge Journey SRT Redesign and Concept


2019 Dodge Journey is another choice of mid-crossover car released by Dodge. It’s known as popular SUV series made by Dodge. For 2019 year, the car will be known as 10th anniversary released by Dodge later.

In this case, Dodge won’t disappoint the fans. So, it’s really important for Dodge to make significant change that will improve the car. There are many information that are released for the public and it may be a big chance for anyone to know more about it. Here are some information that we’ve collected as the latest thing for the car.

2019 Dodge Journey Redesign and Changes

There are some rumors released about the car’s engine. First, it’s 2.4L 4 cylinder unit that is set as the first engine option. The engine is able to generate 175 HP. It’s good enough for the SUV to have that so, it becomes good thing for them.

Besides, the engine is also said for providing good efficiency fuel usage. Therefore, it turns as big thing that people really want for their car. Which is, the car with good fuel usage that may decrease their fuel budget.

The other choice comes is, V6 3.6L. The second candidate comes with more powerful engine with output. Based on the information, the car can produce 280 HP. Besides, it’s also powered with 6 speed automatic transmission.

The second engine may be favorable for any people that love to get fast SUV. However, it’s not a good choice for anyone that loves to get good fuel usage car. In this case, it may be a concern for the company to think more about it.

2019 Dodge Journey SRT Redesign

Talking about the exterior, 2019 Dodge Journey may receive some changes. First, it’s said that the car will be designed larger. It may be a huge disadvantage for the car at the car’s performance. However, larger bodyline may affect the car’s cabin.

With larger space inside, it becomes great point for the passenger’s convenience. Therefore, it may be considered by Dodge as thing that is needed to plan inside the car. In addition to larger bodyline, there are still many things that should be seen by people.

The other unconfirmed rumor that is also said is about the car’s design. there is a rumor said that the car may get new design. New design may be a good thing to give fresh look that can make everyone satisfied with it.

However, it can be a huge step for the company. If it’s not well received by the customer then it may be a flop for Dodge. Based on the picture released, we see that the company starts to create awesome look for the car’s exterior. Thus, it’s safe enough till now.

2019 Dodge Journey Interior Changes

As stated before, the car’s interior might be larger because, the car’s body is designed larger. It will give spacious cabin placed inside. Besides, it is also designed to fit more passengers inside the car so, it’s really important for anyone to know about it.

Seeing inside, the car will receive nice-looking cabin with red and black color combination. Black color is set as the main color. It’s seen through the car’s seat and dashboard. Red color comes as minor addition that gives sweet look for the car.

A middle panel is filled with many buttons that will give the car more features about the safety and entertainment. Unfortunately, there is still no touchscreen panel so, it maybe planned by the company for different result.

2019 Dodge Journey Release date and price

The other important thing that we should know is about the car’s release date and price. For the price, the car is rumored for being started at $30.000. It’s counted as the car’s basic price then it could be different price for different trim levels.

The released date of 2019 Dodge Journey is still unknown and it may come at the end of 2019 or early of 2019 later.

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