2019 Dodge Dakota Diesel 4x4 Pickup Truck

2019 Dodge Dakota SRT Diesel Concept and Specs


Dodge has been known to be making variety of car and in this year 2019 Dodge Dakota is their latest installment of new car from the Dakota model and series. The new model will be featuring a lot of improvements and also some changes that will make the car feel much more powerful and also reliable. Additionally, it will also introduce several new systems that will make the car looks brand new.

Of course, as Dodge Dakota is a unique car, Dodge does not want to changes to much from the original model. This means it still has some reminisce from the old Dakota model. For you Dodge Fans who are curious to get some information regarding this car specification then here are some of the information regarding the overall specification of this car

2019 Dodge Dakota Release date and Price

As early as it will be released, this car will not go to the global market until the year of 2019. However, this prediction also occurs for the fastest time it will hit the market. For more normal and common conjecture regarding its release then it will be around the year of 2019. On the other hand, the price for the 2019 Dodge Dakota is predicted to be started from $25.000 for the basic model to $60.000 for higher trim.

2019 Dodge Dakota Convept Changes

Engine is important piece of equipment in any types of car. It can also be said the same for the new release car. There are many rumor that float around regarding the new engine that this car will be possessing. However, as the information are not clear the engine itself is not known by many people yet. Fortunately enough, we can gather several information regarding the engine itself.

The engine that will be used will be V6 engine with 3.7 liter and this is only for the basic version of the car. This engine can provide us with 210 of horsepower. Additionally the engine itself will be paired with manual transmission system that offer six speed option. This new system will make the car is far easier to be controlled and also driven.

2019 Dodge Dakota Interior and Exterior

Exterior for the new 2019 Dodge Dakota is going to take the new turn. According to the information that we can gather this car will feature a new unibody platform which makes the car feel much better in terms of aerodynamics design and also weight. The unibody platform itself will make sure that the car will be having less weight than your ordinary car model this car which means better overall performance.

The current car aerodynamics design and also ergonomics design has made the car even more better and also stylish which means on the aesthetic design it will feel unique and also beautiful to look at. The new design will also make several changes and also improvements ranges from refined headlights design and also new grille design to give better convenience for the car design.

As the exterior offer many interesting features the interior will also offer the same. Yes, we can expect many good things from the car interior ranges from the usual and most common improvements for the car interior which is space. The larger space are the product of larger and better unibody exterior design and it will also features several new improvements for the car interior.

Yes, the car will feature new cabin design that have high quality material to make the car feel comfortable. Additionally there will be new feature ranges from high end entertainment system such as audio player. The all new cruise control and safety system are expanded and improved even more to give better and pleasant experience to the passenger and driver alike.

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