2019 Dodge Avenger SRT Price, Photos, and Specs

2019 Dodge Avenger Price, Specs, Release Date


2019 Dodge Avenger creates huge surprised to its fans when it is introduced few years ago. This series follows the design of its predecessor of being a car with sedan platform. As a sedan type, this car is surprisingly has sporty design covered in crimson color exterior. It responds to market that is already packed with piles of sedan with luxurious design.

This sporty sedan type vehicle follows previous generations that are already using slim and compact layout. However, in the official introduction, Dodge is also mention that it is already gone under heavy improvements. Those improvements can be easily spotted easily from its sporty layout on the car exterior. It is not only improving its exterior, but also the engine configuration to boost its performance.

Sporty Design of 2019 Dodge Avenger

The radiator grill of 2019 Dodge Avenger incorporates its signature lines of cross design. At both end of this radiator grid, there are headlights with slim design. The car relies on halogen headlamps to provide better illumination on dark road. Meanwhile, its engine is covered with elegant hood design with smooth lines.

As it is expected, both bumpers and fenders of this car appear in redesigned shape. It incorporates 18 inch of base wheels that are effectively improves its height. The rims on those wheels are using futuristic design that coated with chrome. The same as most sedans manufactured by Dodge, its low roof makes the windows narrow.

The sporty design of 2019 Dodge Avenger can also be found on its cabin too. The passenger seats on its interior are using racing seat design. The high quality of black leather upholstery used on those seats improves its sporty impression. Black main color and silver accent is used to decorate interior of this Dodge car.

Speed indicator and gauge take advantage of smart LED light feature. It allows the indicator reading to stay visible even though the cabin is dark. Aside from its light feature, other high technology features are added on the central control. All of those features are intended to make the passengers feel more comfortable.

Engine Configuration of 2019 Dodge Avenger

As mentioned before, 2019 Dodge Avenger also improves its engine specification along with the design. The vehicle is powered by inline engine with 4 cylinders and 2.4 liter of capacity. This engine is able supply power up to 173 horsepower. It is more than enough for car in sedan type to accelerate in city roads.

Dodge is proud of innovative fuel intake technology used in the engine to conserve fuel. The transmission system used in this car is automatic version. It uses four levels of speed that allows driver to handle it easier. Driver can navigate the car on city roads smoothly without any problem at all.

Most automobile reviewers speculate that the summer of 2019 is the release date chosen by Dodge. This series comes in three different models including SXT, SE, and R/T with their distinctive features. Due to the different features used in each model, the price is also different as well. Dodge release official announcement that $20,500 up to $25,800 is the suitable price for 2019 Dodge Avenger.

Dodge proves that sedan can have sporty looks. The appearance of 2019 Dodge Avenger shows that it has powerful engine specification.

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