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2019 Acura TSX Specs, Rumors, Release Date


2019 Acura TSX will be one of vehicles expected to be released soon from Acura. It combines luxury and sporty design to deliver the top performance vehicle. The last production was in 2014, and new TSX is still in development stage. However, the car will be ready in next few years. For more about this car, you can read the following sections

Model and Features of 2019 Acura TSX

Acura is part of Honda products, so you may see the same design and model from this manufacturer. The car uses delicate contour with aerodynamic touch from front to rear. This thing reduces air resistant when you drive in high-speed mode.

For luxury accent, Acura adds LED headlamp and chrome compound for the wheel. Front grille is sharp with Acura emblem. At rear side, you can see LED light for rear lamp. Basically, this car puts luxury into sporty vehicle.

The important part of 2019 Acura TSX is interior section. Two-row model for seat gives the utmost comfortable during journey. These seats also use the top leather with premium stitched to increase the durability and longevity.

For new mode, touchscreen display is necessary tool for easy accessibility during journey. Driver can check the car engine status from this screen then maintain it at proper level to prevent exhausted. Some indicators are already on LED alongside keyless ignition.

For entertainment features, this car uses USB port and Bluetooth to connect into smartphone. This new car will get internet access and integrated with mobile application. Audio system gives vivid and subtle sound to feel luxury at personal home cinema.

Engine and Release Date of 2019 Acura TSX

People want to know what kind of engine for new 2019 Acura TSX. The car is expected to have powerful engine with capacity 2.4 liter and 3.5 liter. As you know, TLX is replacement for TSX, so the engine should be similar or at least as the basic preference.

For small engine capacity, the car will exhaust powertrain approximately 200 horsepower. On the other hand, higher capacity may get powertrain more than 250 horsepower. To put the car into different segment, Acura regards TSX as sportier than luxury car.

Several safety measures are essential for this car. There are lane departure system, blind sport monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and some sensors. The car also has safety belts and airbags to protect passengers and driver.

Release date for new model is still tentative, but it is expected sooner. The base price is estimated to start from $33,000 and it can be higher when you choose the advanced variants. You need to wait for official announcement for this car. Therefore, new 2019 Acura TSX will be the top list vehicle to be expected.

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