2018 Jeep Liberty Sport First Drive

2018 Jeep Liberty Release Date, Price, Specs


2018 Jeep Liberty can be considered as one unique case compared with some other cars manufactured by Jeep.

That is because the last release of this Liberty Jeep was released in 2008 and after almost a decade, the new release of this Liberty Jeep will be released to the market. Of course, all of the specs and details of this car will me evenly matched with all of the needs of nowadays market.

2018 Jeep Liberty Reviews

If you are talking about the exterior look of this car, then you might not find many changes from this car. That is because the overall look of the exterior is still a little bit similar with the previous predecessor, but this car is simplified to match the need of the modern market, in the term of style. For the size, this SUV style Liberty still has its compact style that can fit many different off road and on road needs.

Going to the inner part of this car, you will find a rather unique design of the interior. That is because the interior of this car looks very elegant, but for some reasons, the overall interior also looks a little bit classic, especially from the dashboard.

However, even though the dashboard of this 2018 Jeep Liberty looks a little bit classic, but you will not find that antique look on the system, the navigation, and the technology. That is because this car has been using the latest technology to pleasure the driver and all of the passengers inside the car. Some of those nice features that you can get from the inner part of this car are the heated seat plus the ventilated one, the additional backup camera, the high quality leather material for the cover, plus the modern display screen as the main instrument on the front.

For the engine part of this car, you will still be able to get the similar details like the old time Liberty such as the smooth ride, nice power, and also the efficient fuel consumption. However, the new Liberty does not come without a change since Jeep personally stated that the power of this car has been increased to match some other competitors on the same class.

If you are asking for the average price that you need to pay for all of those nice features, then you can take the car for the average of 25,000 dollars. That is not expensive for the 2018 Jeep Liberty.

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