2018 Honda S2000 Type R Roadster

2018 Honda S2000 Roadster Price and Release Date


2018 Honda S2000 – Looking for a new car from Honda? Of course, many people and  probably you are the part of them are very in love with the cars from Honda as Honda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. In their 70th anniversary in the next 2018, Honda is rumored to give the public their new car models, especially Honda S2000 Roadster.

This car is probably only one from many cars that already prepared by Honda. With the new release of its new model, of course, S2000 Roadster will have some differences with the other cars from Honda. Moreover, this car will have such a renewing that will impress the public. Are you curious about it?

2018 Honda S2000 Price and Arrival Date

Knowing about the pricing of this car and also the release date of this car is something that also important to be known. We could not buying something before we know about the price, aren’t we? The pricing of this car is about to start from $20-22,000. Moreover, this car is expected to be released in the last of the year 2017 of the beginning of 2018. You have to wait until this car is released to the public, so that you can buy this 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster.

2018 Honda S2000 Interior and Exterior Style

Starting with the exterior of this 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster, this new generation of Honda S2000 rumored to be supported with more powerful but the similar size with Mazda MX-5 Miata. Some rumor said that this Honda S2000 Roadster would be supported with the concept of a back-drive platform and using the hybrid system in the engine. Moreover, there is a rumor about the weight of this car, which is rumored about 2,900 pounds or it is about 1315 kg.

Meanwhile, the interior design of this new car model of 2018 Honda S2000 roadster is more mysterious than the exterior design. It is because Honda has not yet told anything about its interior design. However, it seems like Honda will make their new model of roadster to be upgraded in the safety features, when it compared with the previous model of this S2000 roadster.

Besides that, if Honda have a plan to go on the sporty car selling competition, of course, Honda should make this car looks cooler with all things that could make this car more fashionable. Honda should upgrade the technology support in the interior design of this car too.

2018 Honda S2000 Engine and Specs

After enough talking about the exterior and interior design of this car, another important thing that you have to know about this car is that you have to know about its engine. Of course, engine is one of the most important parts of a car, since without engine, the car does not work, right? After knowing that the engine of this car, a buyer will know about how far the performance will be.

So, it is important to talk about engine specifications of a car. Meanwhile, this car is supported with turbocharged power plant, and then it will be supported with capacity of 2.0 liters in the displacement. The total engine of this car will provide you about 250-300 horsepower. So, what do you think about the engine of this car?

To sum up, to make sure that this car will completely match with your need, you have to consider all things related with this car, such as the engine, the exterior and interior design of this car. After considering all things about this car, you also have to prepare your budget to buy this car, then you will be ready until this car is released. So, what do you think about this 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster? Do you have any interest with this car?

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