2018 Honda Prelude Concept First Look

2018 Honda Prelude Price, News, Interior, Concept


For you who loves Honda car then this new car which is named 2018 Honda Prelude will be one of the car that you will love to wait. This car will be featuring some of the best improvement for Honda car. The improvement ranges from new interior design to exterior design. Additionally, do not forget that the new Honda Prelude will have better engine and safety features to give the passenger and driver safe and comfortable ride.

2018 Honda Prelude Exterior and interior design

Honda prelude will be having a new design for the exterior that will make it much more appealing for any kinds of customer out there. The boxy design for the prelude car made by Honda is extremely unique. This unique look will then be accompanied with new back design as well LED taillights and bumper. All of this improvement will also feature with 19 inches of tires with sports design and also some aerodynamics features on the body.

The interior design that this new 2018 Honda prelude will have will also get some improvement to make it far more comfortable as well. The cabin will provide us with comfortable seating space with some free section to store our needs and items. The design of the interior will also be focused to make the car looks luxurious as well. Finally, the car interior will have several cutting edge technology for its entertainment and infotainment system.

2018 Honda Prelude Engine, Safety features, price and release date

The engine that will be available for this car is going to be quite interesting as there are two candidate for the engine. The first candidate for the engine will be 2, 0 liter V-TEC engine with turbo charged features that offer 250 horsepower and 267 torque. This engine will be available with manual transmission system, while the second engine will be available with manual transmission. The second engine is going to be V6 engine with 3, 5 liter capacity and 315 horsepower as well 294 torque.

There are not enough information regarding the car safety features as it still under development. However, according to some of the information that are reliable. This car will feature standard safety features inside the car ranges from the airbag system that will protect the car passenger from impact. There are also sensor system to warn the driver of impact and giving some assist in parking.

For the last information about the new Honda prelude is none other than the car new price and release date. According to some of the information that we can get, this car will have a different final price. The final price itself is not fixed yet but it is stated that the price for this car is going to be around $33.000 to $36.000. Finally the new 2018 Honda Prelude will be released at the end of 2017 or on the beginning of the year of 2018.

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