2018 Honda Element Price Range in USA

2018 Honda Element Price, Concept, Colors in USA


Honda has been known as one of the most popular car developer in the world. Their car has been used by many people around the world, and they are going to release their latest new car which is 2018 Honda Element. This car will feature the cutting edge technology that Honda has developing for their new car. All of the information about this car specifications and design will be further explained bellow this for you who are interested in this car.

2018 Honda Element Exterior and interior design

Honda Element new exterior design is going to be changed and improved even further to provide practical and yet aesthetical design. First of all the car model will have lighter weight than most car design. This car will also have new front façade that are covered with plastic material. Finally, the car will have sleeker design as well LED lights that will improve the car appearance and lighting.

One of the most important improvement that will also be taking place for this 2018 Honda Element is none other than the interior design. The design of this car will have larger interior space and also new seating mechanism to boost comfort. This car will also designed to get USB and blue tooth features as well new LCD screen as well. The interior design will have a black and orange color combination on the seating for bright and comfortable nuance.

2018 Honda Element Engine, Safety features, price and release date

The engine that the new Honda Element 2018 will feature is going to be very practical. The engine are VTEC engine with 2, 4 liter 4 cylinder engine. This engine will be having a maximum power of 150 horsepower and can give 165 lb-ft of torque as well. The engine of this car will allow the car to go for 20 mpg on the city road and 25 mpg for the highway road.

The safety features that this car will have is definitely will make the car much more appealing to be used. According to the information that we can get, this car will have brand new safety features. It will includes some of the most advanced safety features such as parking sensor, impact sensor and also airbag system. All of these are designed to protect the passenger and driver alike.

For you who are interested in this car, then you can expect that this car will have a brand new price for its release. According to some of the information that we can get regarding the price. It will be priced not too different than some of the Honda new car, the price is expected to be $20.000 and $31.000 .The release date of this new 2018 Honda element is not known yet, but we can expect that this car is going to be released on the middle of 2018 because this is a 2018 car series.

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