2018 Honda Crosstour Crossover Facelift

2018 Honda Crosstour Price, Colors, Redesign


2018 Honda Crosstour is one of the latest new car that is going to be released by Honda. Just like any other Honda new car, this car will also have several interesting specifications that will make it a much better car than the previous car series. Several improvement that will be added into the car design ranges from the exterior and interior as well as improvement on the car safety features and engine.

2018 Honda Crosstour Exterior and interior design

Exterior design is one of the most important part that will be having some interesting new redesign. The new color theme or pallet for this car is one of the most interesting new features for this car. There will be new white diamond pear color theme as well other interesting color. There are also improvement for the design with the added silver metallic lining and fog lights with the added new wheels design that have 17 inches sizes.

Interior design for the new 2018 Honda Crosstour will also be enhanced to make it much more comfortable and stylish. The interior design will be improved giving this car a better and stylish interior design that have leather cabin. The car will also have infotainment system and entertainment system for the interior as well. Finally, there are also air conditioning with dual feature to give it more comfort.

2018 Honda Crosstour Engine, Safety features, price and release date

Honda Crosstour will have a brand new engine that will be much superior to some of the car out there. The engine that will be installed into this car is going to be v6 engine with 250 horsepower. This engine will then be coupled with 6 gears transmission system, There are not enough information to know about the transmission system therefore we can expect it can be released with automatic or manual transmission.

One of the most important features for a car is none other than the safety features. The same can also be said for this new car Honda Crosstour. There are several rumor regarding the car safety features that will be installed into this car. The safety features will include some of the airbags system, sensor system for warning and so on which will improve the car safety for the passenger and driver.

Last but not least, there are also information about the car price and also release date. The price for this car is expected to hit around the number of $30.000. This is however is not fixed yet and we can get new information along the passing of time regarding this car. The release date information on the other hand is much more fixed. The new 2018 Honda Crosstour then will be released at the year of 2018, unfortunately, we do not know when the exact release date for this new gorgeous car.

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