2018 Buick Grand National Reveal In Spring Of 2017

2018 Buick Grand National GNX Price Prediction


2018 Buick Grand National is a car that is awaited by many people. People hope that there will be some changes given for the car. Besides, its popularity becomes other reason about why the car is awaited by many people.

In this case, it’s still hard to see about what kind of spec that will be given. It’s also the same with the exterior and interior. However, we try to find trusted information through a comparison between its predecessor. We also try to get anything that is possible to inform you with the speculation about 2018 Grand National.

2018 Buick Grand National Engine Rumor and Visual’s Concept

Okay, we take several information from 2017 series. 2017 Grand National is rumored for having two engine choices. First, it’s V6 3.5L that is able to generate 265 torque and 280 HP. The first choice is good enough any may be retained if only the customer is satisfied.

The second engine, V8 2.6L that is able to produce 370 torque and 210 HP. The second choice might be a bit lower than the first one. The point is, it has bigger torque production that will affect the car’s performance in the future.

Based on some information that are stated, we have concluded several possibilities. If only the customer may give positive review toward the engine, Buick may retain the same engine. The only change that could be seen is, fuel usage that is set to be better.

Besides, the presence of better engine system for example, hybrid is the focus. These two points are concerned by many companies nowadays. We know that Buick will take this change to improve their car’s engine by seeing the selling rate of its predecessor.

2018 Buick Grand National Interior and Exterior

Judging by looking at the exterior, there are some possibilities applied on 2018 Buick Grand National. First of all, the most legit way is, the company will use the same bodyline design with its predecessor. The only change that may be seen is through the visual improvement for its bumper.

There is also a possibility if the company will replace the lamp. The utilization of LED lamp is not a new thing nowadays. However, company’s effort for making better LED lamp becomes something that is sought. It can be seen through the change of design and its quality.

The other thing that we hope to see at 2018 series is, carbon fiber material. We know that it’s a bit impossible. However, Buick may see this as a great change for improving the car. The utilization of carbon fiber may affect the car.

First, it will affect the car’s performance due to lighter weight. the other effect is, the car will get better fuel usage for its fuel economy. These two reasons are enough to be main motive about why Buick should hear about this problem.

As premium sedan car, Buick will put a great effort for the cabin. Based on our analysis, we may see several things inside. First, the cabin’s look is really important so, the company will focus on its visual.

An elegant and luxurious visual will be seen inside with the utilization of high quality material. It will be use for the car’s upholstery and dashboard. It will be a big thing for the car so, it’s really important for Buick to be focus on it.

As time goes by, there might be lot of new features come around. We also don’t know about any possibilities that may come in the future. We want to say that Buick may apply new feature for the car’s safety and entertainment.

Some of common and usual features may be retained. There are, parking system, advance driving system, and other features. However, Buick will try to give more advance system that is more effective for entertainment and safety.

2018 Buick Grand National Release date and price

For release date and price, we can’t give any information yet due to lack of information comes about 2018 Buick Grand National.

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