2016 Toyota Supra Price in Pakistan

2016 Toyota Supra Price, Interior, Specs, Review


2016 Toyota Supra is another great car that has been developed by Toyota for this year. The new supra is going to be released with a variety of improvements ranges from the improvements in the engine, exterior and also interior. This means the car will receive a lot of modification to make it much more interesting and also feel much reliable than the previous entry of the car itself.

As we already stated before, the car will receive major improvements on the engine parts, exterior and also the interior side. Due to this reason, this car is expected to be much better than the previous car. However, will it be really better than the previous supra series? For you who are interested in knowing more about this car feature here are some of the information about its performance in details.

2016 Toyota Supra FT1 Engine Specs

Starting from the engine, this new Toyota Supra will be offering a new engine which able to generate more than 350 horsepower and also a huge 275 lb-ft of torque. The new engine itself will be having alternative engine which is also much more powerful and have better power and also torque. According to the information that we can get this alternative engine is going to be a new V8 engine.

The new V8 engine will also have 5 Liter capacity and able to generate a whopping 450 horsepower of power output at the maximum power. Other than that it will also able to offer 383 lb-ft of torque which makes it quite balanced. This car engine, is of course, can be improved even further and is going to have better performance than the previous car series.

2016 Toyota Supra Exterior and Interior

Other than the powerful engine, this new 2016 Toyota Supra is also going to have better exterior design. The new design of the car exterior is now resemble a sport car which makes it very interesting and have its charm or appeal for people who are looking at its design. The new improvements in the design can be seen on the car front side and also on the rear side of the car.

On the front side of the car we can see a new designed headlights that offer aggressive design as well stylish look which makes it more gorgeous. The new LED technology also added to give the car better lighting. The front bumper as well the new taillight and rear spoiler are designed with FT-1 concept inspiration in mind to give it a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing exterior.

As the exterior offer many interesting changes, the same can also be said for the interior design as well. For starter the interior will be using new leather material for its seating and offer better comfort. Additionally the cabin offer large interior making it much more relaxing for the passenger and driver especially with the new safety features and entertainment system.

2016 Toyota Supra Release date and Price

The new Toyota Supra is one of the most anticipated car in this year, therefore we should be assured that this car will be released on this year even though the date I unclear but it is going to be released in this year. Due to the improved specification and also the design in both exterior and interior which is quite good, this new 2016 Toyota Supra will be priced in an average price of $60.000 to $80.000.

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